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About Armor Crack Repair


In 1992, Dan Clapp founded All Star Tennis Court Company, a construction company dedicated to repairing and resurfacing tennis courts in New Jersey. He quickly realized the need for a reliable repair for structural cracks on asphalt courts. After years of research, development, and in-field use, the ARMOR Crack Repair System was born but was only being used in-house. All Star’s foreman and lead development technician, Brian Douglas, urged Dan to take the product to market. In 2000, ARMOR Crack Repair System began selling to tennis court contractors around the country. Twenty-two years later, ARMOR’s proprietary product is still the leading choice for quality contractors and court owners looking for the best repair for their investment.

In 2004, Ellen Brattlof joined the team as administrative support. Over time, her role has grown into sales, marketing and all facets of office support for both the construction and crack repair entities.


During the past 22 years, others have tried to capitalize on our success, by introducing their ideas for a crack repair product. Within a short time, most of these products proved themselves to be ineffective and have quickly disappeared from the marketplace.  

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Address: 36 Riordan Place, Shrewsbury, NJ 07702

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